How to use App Message Marketing Panel?

We are providing a dedicating panel for all App Message operations. White label App Message Marketing panel along with number filtering tool & reseller panel also available.

App Message Marketing Software/Panel

We provide a web user friendly panel from which you can deliver App Message messages to enable numbers. It provides you to create a campaign and send at a time 1 text along with media supported files such as images, Audio, Video, PDF, VCard, Profile picture and much more. Thatís helps to build reputation & value of your brand in the market. It leads an effective direct link between you and your customer. According to marketers App Message Marketing have the most responsive rate than other traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Why Choose Bulk App Message Messaging

Bulk SMS features
  • You can send 160 characters text.
  • SMS template required.
  • It does not allows you to send your Vcard.
  • It does not have media file sending support such as Images, Video, Audio, PDF.
  • It does not have DP feature too.
Bulk App Message SMS features
  • You can send maximum 1500 characters text.
  • No templates required to send text.
  • You can send your Vcard along with text.
  • It provides all media files sending support system. (like stills, video, Audios, PDF etc.)
  • It provides you DP feature.