Bulk App Message Marketing

App Message has the potential to give the benefit to business because Now Marketers are using it as incredible tool for promotion and advertising. App Message Marketing is now all set to compete and defeat the traditional SMS Marketing because power of its features.

Bulk App Message Marketing Campaign

What is App Message Marketing
App Message is the most popular messaging application in the world today. The vital factor for its success is the simple features and services of the App Messagelication and the feeling of personal touch by using of it. currently it has one billion active users. The huge acceptance of App Message Messaging is making a golden opportunity globally for marketers. Similar to the previous form of marketing. App Message is a more personalized type of marketing strategy in current time! Ideally, no one of us prefers to pick calls from unknown numbers, but we are more likely to open messages on App Message from unknown numbers. on the other side, App Message is the most accepted platform of generation, it makes sense of using this platform for business purposes as well.

According to the studies, following up your clients on App Message than calling has 40% higher response rate. It helps in delivering the messages in a creative way which leads high rate of customer engagement. App Message marketing gives you the golden chance to send the messages in bulk to your select group of potential audience that drives your sales rate high. If you want a better response, use App Message as your creative business promotion tool. initiate your App Message campaign with us today for exponential traffic to your business/service.

Bulk App Message Marketing Feature & Benefits

App Message Marketing Feature and Functions
  • User friendly web panel
  • Profile picture available
  • 1 credit = 1500 char. Text + 4 image + 1pdf +1 Audio + 1 VCard
  • API and white label solution
  • Scrubbing (filtering tool to remove disabled App Message numbers)
  • 24 * 7 support
  • Delivery report available
  • Re-seller panel available

There are so many platforms are present in market to advertise your brand. But App Message has enough power to target your right audience & its extra benefits are mentioned below.
  • App Message has effective power of reach to right tracked audience.
  • It helps you to maintain global presence with no efforts.
  • You can easily get replies of your targeted costumers.
  • It does not need extra tools.

Note: The best thing about this Application is that its available on all type of mobile platform (Android, ios & windows) making it possible to reach all types of device users.